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In 2019 we celebrate 10 years of Aikido Japanese at AikiLife Dojo! 

The Store is now CLOSED. Your Ts are ready for pickup!

10th Anniversary T-shirts!


Only available if ordered by Sunday 1 September

Our beautiful 10th anniversary T’s Feature:

  • Daruma with their lovely expressions of

Peace & Calm

Focus & Determination

Laughter & Joy

Daruma is a symbol of good luck, happiness, perseverance and

resilience. Daruma rolls are one our children’s favourite exercises!

  • The calligraphy AI合 KI気 DO道, one letter inside each Daruma

  • A celebratory starburst of Cherry Blossoms, the iconic symbol of Japan

  • Our Southern Cross, can you see it amongst the cherry blossoms?

       This represents our Australia-Japan friendship ​

  • The seal AN 安 which means Peace and Tranquility


Sincere appreciation to

Caroline Xeri for your wonderful Original Artwork!

​Peter Sensei for making it work Technologically!

Wear your T-shirt to our

10th anniversary birthday celebration events!

LIMITED EDITION - Order by Sunday 1 September

The T's are of the highest quality finely woven, combed cotton from AS Colour, a smooth finish built to last! 

    * Kids' T $20 

    * Men's & Women's T $25

Each T is available with or without cherry blossoms.  

10 FINAL kids tshirt designs 3.png
southern cross.png

Read these links to choose your correct size:



  • The actual image size on each T is the same so it will appear relatively larger on the small (kids') Ts and relatively smaller on the large (adults') Ts.

  • We are still working on fine tuning the design - the placement and size of the image, positioning of the blossoms, size of fonts, exact colour toning etc. may change, but these pictures give a very good indication of the final T!

Some colours are only available in limited styles. Sample colours and sizes are in the Dojo.

  • Kids' Ts are below in white, blue, gold, pink or charcoal (grey with green tinge).  Gold Size 10 out of stock.  Kids T's are not available in the darker asphalt marle colour. 

  • Women's Ts are below in white, blue, pink, charcoal (grey with green tinge) or asphalt marle (nearly black).  Not available in Gold. If you would like Yellow please contact Ann Sensei.

  • Men's Ts are below in white, blue, gold, charcoal (grey with green tinge) or asphalt marle (nearly black).

Please scroll down and press the load more button for all men's and women's options!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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