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“I was very impressed by your way of teaching Aikido movement and concepts to small children – this will help their development.”

– Takayasu Sensei – 7th Dan Aikido


“C had a great time on Saturday and really enjoyed himself!  He also told me that he was very proud of himself and that all his hard work had paid off! We were very proud of his effort.  N and I were very impressed with the grading! All the kids were so well behaved and seemed to understand the importance of the morning and it was fantastic having Takayasu Sensei there.  It is a credit to you so well done! Thank you for all your effort this year, its a fabulous program! “
– Mum of C, 7 yrs


“Thanks for your lovely classes.  Mostly thanks for the Japanese songs M and L sing together on many different occasions to a wide variety of people.  They recently brought a lot of smiles and joy to the residents of my grandmothers nursing home with an impromptu concert in Japanese.”

– Mum of M, 5, and L, 3


“I have to say this Ann, your school is growing for one very important reason – YOU! You have a great day knowing that you are changing peoples lives….for  the better!”

– Dad of K, 9 yrs


“Congratulations on a wonderful, well programmed grading morning. I felt that all the kids got to show what they did, and they all looked so pleased and proud. Thank you again for creating a program that helps children to develop their self-worth.”
– Mum of A, 10yrs, and A, 8yrs




” ‘I’ and I have thoroughly enjoyed this term and look forward to more fun learning next term. Thank you again for the wonderful energy you bring to your teaching. The kids really benefit from all that you do.”

 – Mum of I, 4yrs


“I think signing him up with you Ann is the best thing I have ever done for him…”

 – Dad of K, 10 yrs


“…If A’s mates are in Friday I’m sure he’d be happier there…tis good for his socialization skills..It took me a long time to find your wonderful dojo… you’re very kind and I’m grateful.”

 – Mum of A, 9 yrs


“Yes yes yes for both (re-enrolling)”

– Mum of B, 8 yrs, and L, 6 yrs

“Because of Sensei Ann’s training program my children are much less aggressive to each other and to other children. ”

– Dad of L, 4yrs, and G, 2 yrs


“…as was U last night, singing ‘Nichiyobi, Getsuyobi, etc’ as she fell asleep!  She really loves that song. When she sings it, no-one else is allowed to join in! ”

– Mum of M, 4yrs, and U, 2yrs


“thank you again for organising such a great day on Saturday, we were so proud to see N and the other kids perform what they have been taught so well this year! Thanks for all your patience and dedication”

– Mum of N, 4yrs, and F, 2yrs


“This is all as a result of one very special individual!!!  Their Sensei!!! :-)”

– Dad of K, 8yrs



“Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the work you put into today’s concert. It was great to see what the older kids do, and I think it was nice that M’s grandparents could see a little of what she does at ‘Japanese’ (as we call it!), since they always babysit U while we’re at class. It was also helpful to have a performance to aim towards, as it encouraged us to practise more regularly. I know how much effort it must have been to coordinate all the classes and people. You can rest well tonight!”

– Mum of M, 3yrs


“T had a great time on Saturday. Some photos are attached… I must also say that I am very impressed with your class. An excellent start for the kids. Thank you for your effort! By the way, you will need to let me know how to pay for your excellent instruction!”

– Dad of T, 8yrs


“Happy New Year! A & P would love to re-enrol for Aikido Japanese in the Fuji class this year.”

– Mum of A, 6yrs, and P, 4yrs


“Thankyou for such a wonderful morning on Saturday.  N was thrilled.  He is very proud of his new belt.  T told me what Takayasu Sensei said about how good the dojo is – congratulations!  We think it’s pretty good too! Thanks again for everything.  We appreciate what a great teacher you are, and we are all enjoying the aikido way very much.”

– Mum of N, 9yrs

“It’s delightful to see how engaged the kids are learning about the Japanese characters or listening to the stories… When P uses Japanese words or embraces something culturally unfamiliar with positive interest, I know he finds classes valuable, as well as fun.  Actually, I think I enjoy the classes as much as he does!”

– Mum of P, 4yrs


“Thanks for the fantastic year we have all had with you Ann….looking forward to it again for 2012.”

– Mum of B, 7yrs, and  L, 5yrs



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