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Our Instructors
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Aikilife Black Belt Instructors

"Such a fantastic group of mentors for our kids!!!"

- Dad of L 15 and C 13

Our instructors' Black Belt (Dan) Gradings conducted by Ulf Evenas Shihan


2017: Ann Sensei Yondan (4th black), Anthony Sensei Sandan (3rd black), Sulaiman Sempai Nidan (2nd black), James Sempai Shodan (1st black) 

2018: Tsewang Sempai Shodan (1st black), Zaid Sempai Nidan (2nd black), Matthew Sensei Sandan (3rd black)

2019: Hayden Sempai Shodan (1st black), Maggie Sempai Shodan (1st black)

2022: Ann Sensei Godan (5th black), Hayden Sempai Nidan (2nd black), Marcus Sempai Shodan (1st black), Hayley Sempai Shodan (1st black) 

Aikilife Next Generation Instructors

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"We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of instructors - technically skilled as well as being artistically talented and so witty and fun!  I am grateful that they share their expertise with such nurturing care and generosity, to create the wonderful learning environment we have at Aikilife Dojo for both our Adults and our Childrens' Aikido Japanese classes. Also, not shown here yet just as valued, are many other adult class members who regularly assist with guiding the newer students - THANK YOU TEAM!” 

- Ann Sensei

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