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Womens defence

For Teen Girls and their Mums! 


This is an Aikido class which focuses on the applied self defence aspects of aikido, both physical and psychological.

Aikido is, at its core, a martial art, or "Budo".  Budo means "The Way of the Warrior".  Implicit in this phrase are the concepts of courage, honour and martial effectiveness.

Whilst the end goal of this program is very similar to that of the Aikido in the Teens Aikido Japanese Program, the path is taken from a different perspective: that of self-preservation and fortitude in the face of adversity.

"We just love your dojo, the atmosphere and people there. My wife and I totally admire your way of teaching, the girls absolutely love it!"

- Father of 3 daughters: H 14 years, L 11 years, M 9 years

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