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Kids' Class Testimonials

“Congratulations on a wonderful, well programmed grading morning. I felt that all the kids got to show what they did, and they all looked so pleased and proud. Thank you again for creating a program that helps children to develop their self-worth.”
– Mum of A, 10yrs, and A, 8yrs

“The lineage & culture of Aikido Japanese is what makes this program unique. I am impressed with Ann Sensei’s Aikido Japanese kids program. Because of  Ann Sensei’s training program my children are much less aggressive to each other & to other children.  I look forward to the future years of watching my children apply what they are learning now.”

–  Dad of L, 4 yrs, and G, 2 yrs

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10 years of Aikido & immersive Japanese cultural experiences

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Aikido Japanese  (3-18 years)

Aikido Japanese is a unique program which offers a fun and engaging combination of active martial arts, creative Japanese crafts, and an innovative approach to learning the Japanese language.  These classes address the development of the whole child; physical, social and intellectual, in one fun integrated program.

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Takemusu Aiki  (Adults)

Aikido is a modern martial art based upon principles of non-aggression, non-resistance, and non-competitiveness.  The philosophy of our training syllabus involves close integration of Taijutsu (empty handed body techniques) and Bukiwaza (weapons – sword & staff).  

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Womens Self Defence Classes

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Aikido Seminars

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Where to Find Us

Japanese Cultural Centre

The Centre is a learning location for all who are interested in what the traditional Japanese way of life has to offer our modern Canberra lifestyle.


The Centre is available for hire. 

You may like to run your Japanese cultural classes here! Kado (Ikebana) - flower arranging,

Sado -Tea Ceremony,

Shodo - Calligraphy or



Or perhaps Yoga or Meditation classes.

Please contact us for further information.

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We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about specific programs at AikiLife Dojo.  Drop us a line.

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